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Nowadays, domestic enterprises are having to compete fiercely to survive and develop. Especially, under the influence of Covid-19, businesses are even more pressured to survive and maintain profits. Facing that, setting up a business in a foreign country, specifically the US and UK, is a trend and the first choice of many businesses. But, why choose the US & UK? Because a business in the US and UK always has a higher position in terms of brands, financial instruments and tariffs than businesses in other countries. Therefore, as a smart business, let ICOS accompany you on the path of successful business development.


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General trend of the times

In the era of digitalization and technology, the innovation of enterprises to keep up with the trend of the times is very necessary and urgent. With ICOS, your business will quickly catch up with all the trends of the times with convenient services, suitable for all types of businesses. Optimize processing time and improve productivity and efficiency. Systematize document management through clearly structured storage and control. Minimize paper storage. Supports quick search of information on electronic documents, providing immediate response to queries. Enhance information security. Improve customer satisfaction. Increase productivity. Environmental friendliness.


What do our customers say?

4.6 stars from 163 reviews

We are doing a small business in Vietnamese handicrafts and souvenirs. It is hard to imagine that these items can be so loved and desired by foreign customers. Ah well, it’s not really too surprising because I myself absolutely love these beautiful little gifts. Anyway, thanks to ICOS.

Alan Nguyen 

Well, the support team was great at helping me with some issues. This is pretty cool but swear to God, it also makes me feel like a bad customer haha.

Mr. Wu

I appreciated your support. Btw, your support team was really kind and gentle.

Mrs. Scott


What are the main services of ICOS?

We provide online business development support services. Consulting solutions to solve difficult cases in establishing and operating enterprises abroad. Main services:

– Legal company establishment service in the US, UK, Hongkong, UAE.

– Service of establishing international payment gateways Stripe & Paypal. Cash flow accounting and control.

– Amazon account creation service for business owners.

– Digital marketing and online marketing services.

– Design services for businesses.

What are the prices for the services?

– Listed prices may change depending on market fluctuations at different times or different usage needs.

– The listed price of ICOS can be customized according to customer’s usage requirements.

– The listed price is guaranteed with results that bring full satisfaction to customers.

– List of prices listed for each service here.

What is ICOS's warranty policy?
  • Each type of business will have its own regulations. We commit to 100% warranty for business service packages.
  • Stripe is one of the most demanding payment gateways to prevent bad behavior from users. Make sure you have all the legal documents ready along with a standard business process and product. We will not be responsible for resolving issues caused by willful violations of Stripe’s rules and policies.
  • Our services will have their own terms set out in the contract for each. Take a close look at our rules and policies!

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