5 marketing trends 2023: User experience is a top priority

The constant change in consumer behavior requires marketers to constantly adapt and grasp the trends of the times. This is to create the best customer experience. Here are 5 marketing trends that are predicted to continue to “explode” in 2023.

Short-form Video

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, short-form video is becoming the communication tool of choice for many brands. Thanks to their concise and engaging content, short-form videos are an effective way to capture people’s attention, stimulating them to spread the word about your brand. At the same time, with short-form videos, marketers can save production time and still create great content that has a global impact.

The “dominance” of short-form video is predicted to last for many more years. Source: Internet

To cope with the growing demand for short-form videos in the future, brands need to have a suitable video marketing strategy to capture customer emotions in the first 3 seconds, focusing on concisely communicating information and showing the audience how this information benefits them.

Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy is a form of marketing through activities that encourage employees to convey positive information about the company in the media. Compared to the content shared directly from the brand channel, the information given by employees has 8 times higher coverage and frequency of spread. Not only that but turning employees into “brand ambassadors” also contributes to increasing brand recognition and the ability to approach many talented candidates in the market. Therefore, this is considered an “explosive” marketing trend in the future thanks to its ability to solve the problem of brand communication with the most optimal cost.

Making employees feel happy at work is the key to the success of this form of communication. Recognizing, empowering, and meeting career development opportunities, as well as supporting employees in dealing with mental barriers will help employees feel happier. As a result, they are more motivated to work and feel more comfortable sharing #LifeAtCompany stories in the most natural, authentic way.

Leverage the power of employee communication to effectively raise brand awareness. Source: Internet

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for years, and there’s no sign that it’s going to cool down anytime soon. Figures from HubSpot show that 17% of marketers plan to start investing in influencer marketing and 89% of those using it will maintain or increase their investment budget in the next year. This is considered a positive sign, demonstrating the significant growth potential of the celebrity marketing trend in 2023.

The key to the success of the Influencer Marketing strategy in 2023 lies in authenticity. Depending on the campaign goals as well as the target audience, the brand can decide to “choose the gold side” in the most appropriate way. From there, the brand builds an appropriate content strategy to engage the audience by conveying messages creatively and authentically from the experiences of the celebrities themselves.

User-generated content (UGC)

Leveraging customer-generated content related to the brand, UGC is considered a form of word-of-mouth marketing capable of promoting the brand widely and effectively. The unlimited creativity of Gen Z will continue to drive the development trend of UGC in the next year. Therefore, marketers need to have more appropriate and skillful content-building strategies to be able to connect brands and customers.

Born in the era of strong social networking, UGC appeared everywhere with many diverse forms. Source: Internet

So how to increase the chances of creating UGC for the brand? First of all, brands need to make sure that their customers are having a positive experience at every touchpoint along the shopping journey. This will help build trust, make users happy, and easily share their experiences. In addition, be proactive in listening to customers’ positive and negative experiences, regularly interact, and create “playgrounds” to meet their unlimited creative needs on online platforms. society.


Besides products and services, today’s consumers also judge a business by its values, ethics, and actions on human issues such as sustainability, equality, and diversity. In particular, sustainability is closely related to business solutions associated with environmental responsibility, creating long-term value for consumers and society. According to the 2023 Instagram Trends Report, sustainability is also a key issue of particular interest to GenZ audiences.

Gen Z tends to make shopping decisions based on an assessment of a brand’s impact on society. Source: Internet

Consumers today value honesty. Therefore, in addition to being transparent in business goals and building truth-based messages, businesses need to be responsible for providing specific parameters that show their commitment to the production and transportation process. his act. Please ensure that the business will not “betray” the trust of consumers with any greenwashing behavior. the company’s products are environmentally friendly) in its marketing activities.

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