Areas attracting foreign capital in the Netherlands

The favorable tax policy and favorable financial environment are the main reasons why the Dutch economy can attract foreign investment. The Netherlands has the 4th best business environment in the world (according to the ranking of the Netherlands). Forbes in 2020) with favorable tax policies and a favorable financial environment.

Information technology (IT) industry

The Netherlands is one of the pioneering countries in the field of IT in general. Most people in the Netherlands are very enthusiastic about new technologies and digital applications. The Netherlands is a promising land for IT companies, from startups to large corporations. Typically, large technology corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM, and NTT are all headquartered in the Netherlands.

In addition, the Netherlands has a high-quality digital infrastructure, combined with policies to attract foreign investment from the government, making this country an ideal place for businesses to incubate. start-up from Vietnam.

The IT sector in the Netherlands also has many intersections with other fields such as smart agriculture, health and wellness, digital banking, digital marketing, and e-commerce. The aim is to build a sustainable Dutch economy and maximize the potential of the industries.

Life and health sciences

The increasing quality of life, along with the impact of the COVID pandemic, has led to increasing demand for healthcare in developed countries. In the Netherlands, the life and health sciences industry is the second most attractive foreign investment after the IT industry.

The Dutch government advocates promulgating many policies to attract foreign investment in this field. As a result, the Netherlands is a center for the medical technology and life sciences industries, with more than 3,000 companies and research institutions operating in the health sector, including many large multinational companies such as MSD. , GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen, Medtronic, Genmab and Astellas.

Life sciences are among the top sectors attracting foreign investment in the Netherlands. Source: Internet

Transportation (Transportation) and Logistics

The Netherlands has a great advantage in transportation when it is in a central location with the largest European seaport of Rotterdam, combined with Schiphol Amsterdam Airport connecting the entire European market. National infrastructure develops synchronously, including sea, air, railway, road, and waterway, which are connected across the country.

In 2020, the transport and logistics industry is among the top industries attracting foreign investment in the Netherlands.
According to statistics, about 60% of imports from Vietnam to Europe are through the port of Rotterdam. Due to the increasingly powerful digital transformation process, the transportation and logistics infrastructure is constantly updated and improved, which makes the transportation of goods faster and more efficient. This is an area with many opportunities for Vietnamese investors to start a business in the Netherlands.

Agriculture industry

Agriculture is one of the oldest sectors of the Dutch economy. The Netherlands has many favorable factors to develop this industry such as mild climate, mechanized agriculture, advanced technology, and favorable geographical position. These factors have helped the Dutch economy rank 2nd in the world in exporting agricultural products, just behind the US, as well as attracting foreign investment.

Agriculture is one of the oldest sectors of the Dutch economy. Source: Internet

The field of agriculture and agricultural production in the Netherlands is very diverse, including livestock and farming. The Dutch agricultural industry focuses on the safety and health of food sources and environmental protection. When setting up a company in the Netherlands in this field, Vietnamese businesses can learn more about professionalism, food processing technology, logistics, and the application of information technology in production.

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