What is POD? 3 steps to success for newbies

What is POD (Print On Demand)?

POD is understood as printing on-demand products such as t-shirts, hats, briefcases, pants, bags …, according to the design and quantity of the customer.

What is making money with POD? POD platforms will let you upload designs and will print on shirts, pants, bags, phone cases… You will find customers, and platforms will print products & ship them to customers.

Earning Potential: $100 to $500/month totally doable for newbies. Experienced individuals can earn $1000/month or more with this model. A typical case is turning 44 million into 359 million with POD.

Should do POD in Vietnam or foreign markets? Depending on your capacity, if you have a high capacity, you can do it globally, because this model will develop stronger in the international market.

So what is POD? or any way to help newbies make money with POD effectively, in this article, I will share with you everything!

How does POD work?

The POD model works around the following four main objects:

  • Seller: you are the seller.
  • Platform: a POD service provider, this is a place that allows you to upload designs to products, create orders when there are customers, or will link directly with popular sales channels.
  • Printing workshop: the place to print POD products, a partner with the platform.
  • Web store: is a place for you to post products, promote and find customers.

Listed above, you will see that the platform, the printing house, and the store will be 3 independent parties and only a support partner for the seller.

But there will be some cases where Platform POD “weighs” the whole printing factory and also provides the web store for the seller. A good example is PrintBase.

Where to make money with POD?

Here, I will introduce you to popular POD platforms both in the country and in the international market for your reference.

Make money with Printable

The print base is a platform for providing services and printing POD products from A-Z as I shared above. This is a potential platform and is being appreciated by many people because of the following benefits when joining:

  • More profit per order (cheapest base cost in the market).
  • Products are constantly updated according to the trend.
  • Support to set up a complete sales website and be optimized for page loading speed.
  • There is a Personalization feature, which means you can customize options such as image, text, color, and font …
  • Seller is supported with a free app store, helping you to sell better.
  • Stable payment gateway.
  • Fulfilled by Printbase (all stages are taken care of by Printbase, you just need to focus on selling).

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At PrintBase, you can earn POD with many different products such as t-shirts, hoodies, drinking cups, shoes, phone covers, etc.

Earn POD with Printub

Printub is one of the leading POD platforms in Vietnam combined with the dropshipping model. You can upload your ideas and designs on products such as t-shirts, hoodies, porcelain mugs, canvas bags, etc., and sell the final product.

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Products provided by Printub. Source: Internet
Earn money with Teespring

Teespring is one of the oldest POD platforms and you may have heard of many classic case studies when selling POD t-shirts during 2014-2018 in the global market.

Pros & Cons of POD

No model is perfect and each model will have its own pros & cons, POD is no exception.

  • Easy to reach and get started
  • No need to invest capital to import goods, and no worries about inventory
  • Self-determined product selling price
  • Just focus on promoting
  • Working freely, without restraint or pressure from anyone
  • Must have good design skills and aesthetic sense.
  • 100% newbies will face many difficulties and need to have advertising skills or sales experience to make it easier to get started.

3 steps to make money with POD

Here are the basic steps to make it easier for you to make money with POD.

Step 1: Select products, identify niches & find ideas

The products of most POD platforms up to now are not really diverse, only products such as:

  • Fashion: T-shirts, hoodies, pants, skirts…
  • Accessories: bags, hats, masks…
  • Utensils: Pillows, porcelain cups…
  • Phone accessories: cases, …

You have to choose the product that you will make, then you will start researching and finding niches to go to, in the process of finding niches you will have dozens of different ideas.

Hint: Once you have selected the product, you should focus on researching the target audience such as age, gender, interests, occupation, and thoughts in work and life. … the more you dig into the insight you will get the niche and a lot of ideas to implement for the POD campaign.

Step 2: Design and post

Once step 1 is completed, the next step is to express the “soul” of the idea of the product.

This is an important factor that leads to whether or not you can sell your product, so if you do not have the ability to design, you should find a designer to do this.

Then you upload the design on the product, but before that, you should also pay close attention to the posting policy of each platform to avoid taking it down.

Step 3: Promote

There are many different ways to help you promote products to customers, there are still 2 main trends and depending on your conditions you can choose:

Free traffic

Build a Youtube channel, Tiktok, and Instagram, Fanpage, build a blog … on topics related to products.

This is not in the direction of spam comments or links on other channels, but you have to invest time, brain, and effort into building content on the right channels.

For example:

I choose the product as a hat, I will choose the topic of fashion and mainly build and share the content about hat reviews, how to wear fashion hats, or how to coordinate clothes to match hats … in which I will be skillful Insert other article links with products or direct links if appropriate, optimize SEO for keywords to the top of Google search and I will have customers.

Paid traffic

If you want to get faster results, running ads is still the better choice for today’s popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok …

However, not every few dozen, a few hundred guesses that you will also have a few dozen, a few hundred orders, but to run you must answer the application with factors such as:

  • Capital problems: budget to test or even suffer losses for the first time.
  • In addition to the basic set of camp skills for each type of advertising, you need to have the right mindset about it, and how to track and optimize the campaign, even if you find a winning camp, you also need to have the experience to screw it up.
  • The ability to improvise with competitors who are ready to rob customers and product ideas on your own ads.
  • Mentality must be strong.

Are newcomers suitable for making money with POD?

As I have shared in the pros & cons of POD, 100% newbies will be much more difficult than those with previous experience.

However, every pro has been a newbie once, so you don’t need to worry about this, you can go slowly but as long as you don’t give up, the results will come.

For newbies who want to make money with POD, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Ideas and design are very important, so you should have the skills or should have money to get more people to do this.
  • You do not need capital to import goods, but capital to promote is necessary.
  • You should have a reasonable price strategy, depending on the promotion channel and competitors, you will have different prices.
  • It will be possible to spy on designs or even products by rivals, get used to it and get the appropriate handling.


The above is all about POD as well as my own assessment of the potential of POD at the moment.

In short, making money with POD is still possible, it is important how you choose, there are still many individuals who are fighting and making a lot of money with this model every day in both the domestic and international markets. foreign.

Wish you success, don’t forget to leave a comment below the article if you have any questions about POD, with my own experience I will support you.

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