E-commerce website is an electronic information page set up to serve part or the whole process of buying and selling goods or providing services, from displaying and introducing goods and services to signing contracts. contract, service provision, payment, and after-sales service.

E-commerce trading floor is an e-commerce website that allows traders, organizations, and individuals who are not website owners to conduct part or the whole process of buying and selling goods and services on it.

Online payment has been an inevitable trend when consumer demand, especially online shopping, is becoming more and more popular and booming. Payment is a function that directly leads to successful orders on the website, and is also a major influence on the reputation of the product supplier. If you are a business that needs designing, managing, or optimizing a sales website, updating your knowledge of online payment gateways and finding the right choice for your business website is extremely important.

What is an online payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a platform operating on the internet, connecting the buyer’s card account and the seller’s website account. In simple terms, an online payment gateway is an intermediary that receives money from the buyer and then transfers it to the seller.

The payment process via the online payment gateway takes place as follows:

Step 1: Buyer makes a transaction on the seller’s website/app.

Step 2: The merchant’s website/app securely sends transaction data to the payment gateway. This payment gateway will forward the data to the linked bank to perform payment authentication.

Step 3: When the authentication is completed, based on the accuracy of the information entered by the buyer, the payment operation will be accepted or rejected and the payment gateway will issue a notification to the application/website to notify you. notify the buyer.

Step 4: If the operation is successful, the linked bank will transfer
money to the payment gateway (specifically the merchant’s account).

Online Payment Gateway Operation Process. Source: ICOS

Forms such as integrating payment of visa cards, bank cards, or e-wallets into the website are the integration of online payment gateways into the sales website.

The payment gateway allows users to buy and sell products online without being affected by physical distance, quick payment process, and information security and keeps legal evidence to resolve complaints if any.

Why use an online payment gateway?

If you are a business owner who wants to build a sales website, you should add or update more payment gateways for your system. On the buyer’s side, online payment helps to increase the convenience of non-cash payment, fast, secure, and optimize the experience; On the seller’s side, this helps to limit the rate of order cancellation, helps to turn capital faster, the payment processes and procedures are also reduced, and the connection with payment gateway units will help businesses many offers.

Today’s popular online payment gateway

Paypal is a popular international payment gateway, used to pay and transfer money internationally over the Internet. You can shop online abroad or receive payments from abroad to Vietnam.

Stripe is an American payment gateway that allows e-commerce sites to receive payments on their sales websites. It is the best software platform for an Internet business, doing billions of dollars in processing every year for businesses around the world. If you offer items to an audience of buyers from abroad, Stripe will be a perfect choice.

What to keep in mind when choosing an online payment gateway for your website?

Compatibility: You need to understand what the technology platform of the sales website is and whether that platform is compatible with the payment gateway you want to integrate.

Security: It is necessary to choose payment gateways that ensure the highest level of security. This will greatly affect the reputation of the seller.

Payment channels and processes: Requires sellers to consider how to choose a payment method and payment process, and whether there is a payment gateway that can meet that need.

Service fees: You should consider the fees required to create a payment gateway and the fee for each successful order, or incentives if any… and consider whether this fee is right for your needs. business does not.

Customizability: You need to understand the checkout process on your website to determine if you need a simple form of action or a lot of changes. Some payment gateways only support simple operations and limited customization, while many allow customization as desired.

In the current era with the rapid development of technology, online shopping, and payment is the key to catching up with the new era of E-commerce. The source of potential customers, as well as revenue, depends greatly on the professionalism of the sales website.

If you still do not have a website to sell or do not know how to create a payment gateway, find a reputable company to not only has an eye-catching website but also ensures new features, and a fast payment gateway. compact and optimal security. ICOS with experience in deploying, and designing sales websites, and creating reputable payment gateways for large domestic and foreign customers, is ready to be the fulcrum for your business to break through the online market.

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