How to keep your business running? How to avoid PAYPAL & STRIPE account limits and stable operation? Let’s take a look at some solutions with ICOS to help maintain and protect your business!

1. Use a Paypal Business account instead of a personal account

Many sellers have an online business plan or regularly deal with large amounts of money, such activities will be very suitable when you own a Paypal Business account. This is to help Paypal & Stripe understand that the job the seller is doing is running the business of the business and those transactions are not for personal purposes.

Use a Paypal Business account instead of a personal account. Source: Internet

2. Verify the complete information

Fully verifying the information for your Paypal account helps you to eliminate the risk of being locked out of your account as well as improve the quality of your account. The complete information a seller needs to provide for their Paypal account will typically include the correct NAME, full ADDRESS, and linked to the bank account or credit card.

If you are running a company, prepare all the necessary business documents, such as a business license, especially if the company is having some kind of conflict. If the information is not provided completely or the documents are incorrect, using fake information, your account will be temporarily locked, and the money will be withheld for 180 days.

3. Clear shipping policy

The shipping, cancellation, and return policies on the store need to be public, clear, and detailed. This is not only very useful in minimizing disputes with customers and increasing the odds of winning a dispute when a dispute occurs (dispute). This is also a factor to increase credit scores when verifying Paypal or Stripe accounts.

Currently, quite a few sellers have the habit of cloning other companies’ websites, including their policies, but are incompetent to operate, which leads to mass disputes and gate deaths. According to statistics, more than 90% of payment gateways of sellers die because of this reason.

Clear shipping policy. Source: Internet

4. Timely customer support policy

Like any service industry, customer service, if done well, will bring many benefits to not only sales but also to reduce the rate of customers opening disputes. In addition, many online chat systems or automatic call centers for customers to easily contact when they need support are also integrated.

You may not know, but the fact that the customer cannot contact the seller is a reason for Paypal or the bank to immediately handle the loss for you, thereby increasing the rate of chargeback and gate death.

5. Professional & reliable supplier

Choose to sell products from large and reputable suppliers as well as constantly update the status of orders from suppliers. Large suppliers often have high-quality goods, and fast and safe shipping, thereby minimizing dispute situations, and reducing disputes and return rates.

Please be careful because some suppliers often have a habit of fake tracking numbers to bypass customers, Paypal will regularly check and lock the account with any seller who provides a fake tracking number, the number is fake…

For the account to always operate stably and for a long time, avoiding unnecessary LIMIT times, Sellers should also prepare solutions to protect their accounts.

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