Should you buy back Stripe and Paypal accounts?

Browse through online business forums and groups, your business must have come across many posts about reselling PayPal accounts, Stripe has a high level of trust. Although quite popular and public, trading, buying, and selling these accounts is very risky, especially for inexperienced buyers.

In this article, ICOS will explain and analyze when to and not to buy these accounts.

1. What is a Trust Account?

“Trust” is a “slang word” that is passed around by word of mouth among users of PayPal, Stripe, and more. to indicate that the account has been verified with some information about its owner. The more verified accounts are generally considered high Trust.

Sellers of PayPal, Stripe, or eBay accounts provide account information to show that their account has a high level of Trust. This information can be the number of payouts, number of holds, volume, limit type, rating information accompanying documents, etc.

Currently, in the payment gateway user community, there are still many common misunderstandings about PayPal or Stripe account trust. Inaccuracies about Trust play a big part in helping these sold PayPal Stripe or eBay accounts gain the trust of potential repurchasers.

How many times does the store need to be verified to be considered a Trust. Source: Internet

2. Do resale accounts have Trust as an offer?

2.1 Identity of these accounts
  • Registered in some countries that use Stripe, PayPal is as popular as in the US. There are also a lot of Vietnamese accounts traded: The higher the Trust level, the higher the selling price, and some sellers may have payout or lifetime warranties.
  • Once an account is purchased, the account holder must strictly follow procedures to prevent PayPal or Stripe from “inquiring”.
  • Accounts for sale may contain more or less information, such as account holder ID, address, transaction history, payment history, eBay account rating, and more. The more information it contains, the more valuable the account is.
2.2 Potential risks that may be encountered

Accounts for sale may have completed basic verification of business or personal information so that account buyers can use that information to add to their Store. However, this still carries certain risks:

  • If there’s a problem with the Store, PayPal or Stripe may ask for proof of the person’s identity, address, or recent bank statement. Failure to provide the account may be restricted or closed.
  • Even when the Store is up and running, PayPal and Stripe may periodically review and request additional information.
  • The person in the name of this PayPal, or Stripe account being sold has previously been limited or blacklisted by Payment Processor parties without the buyer’s knowledge. Pinning this account to the Store may affect both the Store and the associated PayPal Stripe accounts.
  • If an account is stolen, the real account holder can still see the strange account statement at their bank and notify the police or the bank. This will trigger investigations and affect the Store.
  • In the long run, businesses may just want to run one stable account or a few high-volume accounts. Even if the business is no longer using those purchased accounts at this time, information about those accounts remains in the PayPal or Stripe data systems associated with the business’ Store. This will greatly affect the assessment of the account to run large Volumes.

In fact, ICOS has met many customers who have had major problems with their bad accounts in the past.

In the process of running PayPal, many merchants can break common rules and get 21 or 180-day limits or have their accounts suspended. Faced with these difficulties, many business owners have decided to buy or open various PayPal accounts.

3. So should you buy a Paypal account or Stripe Trust?

If there is a real need to use accounts like these, companies should use the following questions to assess their own risk:

  • Is there another option for the Store? Are you sure account redemption is the only option?
  • What is the purpose of using the account? Is it only for “fire fighting” in a short time or for “long-distance travel”?
  • This account will be used to run Volume up to what level? For how long?
  • How are the plans to set up a business, do accounting, tax, and audit?

According to many years of experience, ICOS has determined that if a business plans to run an account to a high volume monthly, it is safer to use a legitimate account because PayPal and Stripe require additional verification when limiting. increased frequently. This verification must be done according to the standard process required by PayPal and Stripe to not affect the account.

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