What is Amazon Buy Box? How To Win a Buy Box?

Every Amazon seller wants to get a Buy Box, just like every website owner wants their site to rank at the top of Google searches.
So what is Buy Box? What are the advantages of Buy Box? Let’s find out about ICOS in this article!

What is Amazon Buy Box?

Buy Box on Amazon is a yellow box with an “Add to cart” button on the product detail page, where customers can add products to their cart or buy them immediately.

However, not all Amazon sellers are eligible for the Amazon Buy Box, only companies with excellent seller metrics have a chance to earn a piece of this valuable attribute.

How to qualify for Buy Box on Amazon?

If you’re an FBA seller, you’re automatically eligible for the Amazon Buy Box. Otherwise, you must meet all of the requirements listed below.

– Seller account type: You must have a Professional Sellers account that pays $39.99/month to be eligible to participate in the Amazon Buy Box race.

– Performance metrics: Metrics like your Order Defect Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Late Shipment Rate should always stay on top. good because that determines if you are eligible to hit the Buy Box or not. The better the performance, the better your chances of qualifying for the Buy Box.

– Order Volume: You must have enough order volume to vary between product categories for Amazon to accurately evaluate your performance.

Why is the Amazon Buy Box so important?

All sellers are trying to reach the Amazon Buy Box. Why is the Buy Back Box so important to Amazon sellers?

– Increase your chances of exploding sales

82% of sales on Amazon come from Buy Box. Owning a Buy Box as insurance helps you secure more sales.

The Buy Box is the preferred selling point, the first and main call-to-action that consumers will see on the product listing page making your products more visible to customers.

Because Amazon cannot list all sellers on the main product page. Instead, Amazon filters the seller and selects one, and encourages people to buy from that seller. This selected seller is Buy Box.

Amazon mobile app. Source: Internet

– Reach more customers using Amazon mobile app

More than 150.6 million mobile users have accessed the Amazon app. If you want to reach mobile shoppers, here’s another reason to win a Buy Box.
The desktop interface allows buyers to select Buy Box products or other Amazon Box sellers, or even visit the Offer Listing Page for more options.
But the Buy Box is even more important for the mobile look because the Buy Box is directly below the product image. Another Amazon on Sellers box is not displayed on the mobile site. This means that only the name of the Buy Box winner will be displayed.

– Increase credibility with customers

When you get the Buy Box, it’s the customer’s trust. Most Amazon customers believe the Buy Box goes hand in hand with Amazon’s standard product and customer service.
Therefore, they will trust and not hesitate to buy products with Buy Box. It can be said that Buy Box is like a guarantee for customers to feel more secure when spending more at your store.

– Create Amazon PPC Ads

One of the perks of being an Amazon Buy Box winner is that you can create Amazon PPC ads for your products.
Amazon PPC helps you optimize traffic sources to increase sales and grow your business on Amazon.

How to win Buy Box?

Finding the right balance of customer service, competitive pricing, and more to win a Buy Box isn’t easy for most sellers.
Even qualifying you won’t be able to win a Buy Box right away because you have to compete with many other sellers selling the same product.
While Amazon doesn’t specify which factors its algorithm should prioritize when awarding a Buy Box to a seller, here are a few tips that can help you increase your chances of winning a Buy Box:

1. Qualified Buy Box

Qualifying Buy Box (Buy Box eligible) is the first step to being able to win Buy Box. “Buy Box eligible” is Amazon’s reward for experienced and high-performing sellers. You can check if you qualify for the Buy Box in the information section of Seller Central.

2. Using FBA

The good news for new sellers is that you still have a chance to get a Buy Box by using the FBA service to fulfill orders. In addition to the benefits that FBA brings, Amazon has officially announced on its website that FBA sellers will automatically qualify for Buy Box without any further consideration.
In addition, Amazon’s algorithm also supports FBA sellers more, making it easier for them to earn Buy Box.

3. Maintain stock in stock

Your inventory should always be kept at a stable level, which is one of the mandatory requirements to get a Buy Box. You never have a chance to win a Buy Box if the product is in short supply.
Especially during the holiday season, when shopping demand is high, customers who buy products out of stock often leave negative feedback. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to keep your articles up to date and have a clear delivery schedule for your best-selling products.

4. Competitive price

Affordable price is also one of the important factors that attract buyers and help you win Buy Box on Amazon that you should not ignore. Please note that this is the total price including shipping, transfers, and taxes, so think twice before adjusting accordingly.
One tip is that you can check the price of a Buy Box-worthy product on the Manage Inventory page. To display the Buy Box price column, choose to display the price column on the Preferences page.
However, Buy Box prices are only shown for products in the new catalog. This way, you can offer a fairer and more competitive price to increase your chances of getting a Buy Box.

5. Choose the right Fulfillment Center

The fulfillment center you choose has a direct impact on winning the Buy Box. Order fulfillment speed is one of the main metrics when Amazon decides which seller the Buy Box will belong to.
Garment Fulfillment is proud to be a trusted and reputable fulfillment service provider for a long time, we have helped many sellers achieve great success on the Amazon “marketplace” thanks to the production and shipping time. speed shift.

6. Good customer care

Amazon looks at customer service from a variety of angles, including all parameters such as defective order rates, late or on-time delivery rates, and order cancellation rates to evaluate Rate your account status.
So, always pay attention to every aspect of account status to get Buy Box as well as satisfaction and trust from buyers, then you should always pay attention to all aspects of Account Health.

7. Offers Amazon Prime Service and Free Shipping

Sellers that offer faster shipping options tend to get a Buy Box easier. The best way to win an Amazon Buy Box is to combine it with Amazon Prime shipping which allows shoppers to receive their items within 2 days.

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