What is Print on Demand? And Things You Should Know

Print-on-demand plays an important role in retail e-commerce. This business model continues to be a place where Internet marketers are looking for innovative ways to compete with the old names.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand, also known as print on demand, is an offshoot of dropshipping that allows you to print designs onto custom products such as t-shirts, mugs, or tumblers with your brand.

The special thing is that the production of the product starts only after the order has been placed, so there are no fees incurred until the order is successfully produced and there is no need to buy and store the goods in bulk.

With POD, you don’t have to worry about shipping and inventory management. Everything from printing to packaging and shipping is handled by a third party: the POD Fulfillment service provider.

POD Fulfillment service providers allow you to connect e-commerce websites through their platform. Every time a customer orders a product in your online store, the system will automatically send and fulfill that order to the printing and fulfillment service provider to complete the order for you.

With increasing demand in recent years, technology has evolved tremendously to accommodate new product categories, mainly accessories, and clothing categories.

Top 3 best POD platforms for Sellers:

Choosing a reliable platform to sell your products on is an important factor when deciding to enter the print-on-demand industry. In fact, for a while, you can open a store on multiple e-commerce platforms at the same time to optimize your sales and profits.

You should thoroughly research each platform before you start so that you can best prepare your store. Here are the top 3 most popular free e-commerce platforms with high traffic.


The print-on-demand model, first launched on Etsy in 2013, was a huge step forward in the field and continues to grow to this day. According to Etsy’s 2021 Report, around 90 million people have an Etsy account, and 20% of them have purchased creative items on the site. This number is expected to continue to increase sharply in the coming years.

The report also shows that Etsy is one of the e-commerce platforms that you should not ignore due to its massive traffic and potential customers.



EBay is the second largest e-commerce platform in the world after Amazon. In early 2020, eBay reached a new milestone with 183 million customers worldwide, which is enough to show how “huge” eBay’s traffic is.

Not only that, but eBay is also a suitable platform for new entrants to the print-on-demand market thanks to its user-friendly interface and quick sales account registration process in just a few steps. If you’re new, join the eBay group.

Amazon “conspires” with Merchant by Amazon, or MBA for short, to disrupt the print-on-demand market. But the most important reason why this Amazon service lost points in the eyes of users is the profit margin. Take advantage of this Amazon platform’s massive traffic by using fulfillment services from POD companies at a much lower base cost to secure your bottom line.


Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) are the two main business models that you can use to sell POD products on Amazon. With a global logistics network and a unified system of market share in the eCommerce industry, Amazon is the most attractive partner that many sellers target.


The potential of the POD business model:

International POD Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a nightmare for many economic sectors around the world, but it seems to be an “opportunity” for the e-commerce industry as online shopping becomes the only way to shop and gradually becomes more and more popular. consumer buying habits.

Vietnam POD Market

E-commerce or online business is a magnet attracting 8x, and 9x Vietnamese young people who are passionate about creativity and want to do freelance business. With the advantage of barriers to entry. With low market value, low capital investment, and no warehousing costs, the POD business model has attracted many young people looking for challenges and opportunities in this potential new field.

Is the POD market still attractive in 2023?

Of course! The print-on-demand market is growing in size. Very low investment costs, potential and abundant profits are the advantages that make the POD model more ideal than ever for companies.

POD is still a sensible and effective business model in 2022! The future of the POD market is very bright as it seems that buyers are starting to get bored with the standard clothes, folks. You want to have your unique product, and the POD model can fully meet that “customization” need.

A recent Deloitte study of customer behavior found that 1 in 5 consumers spend an extra 20% on a “custom” or exclusive product. More surprisingly, people over 55 seem to prefer buying “personalized” products around the holidays more than 16-24-year-olds.

To make accurate predictions to keep up with market trends and provide the best customer experience, sellers must rely on specific data reports, closely monitor buyer ratings and understand market trends as well as consumer preferences.

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