What is Stripe? Advantages and disadvantages of Stripe

Nowadays there are many payment gateways around the world and each payment gateway has its own pros, cons, and features.

One of them is Stripe, which was born to make payments more convenient and has become a leading medium. Payment options are interested and used by many people.

So what is Stripe, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Stripe? Let’s find out in this article.

What is a Stripe payment gateway? Source: Internet

1. What is Stripe?

If you use a payment gateway to buy and sell goods and services on e-commerce sites in a specific country, it’s the Stripe payment service, which is available in many different countries.

Since its appearance, this payment gateway has been operating for more than 10 years and is present in more than 40 countries around the world. The e-commerce transactions that Stripe has done for customers total millions of transactions.

When Stripe launched, it created high payment efficiency and made transactions more convenient, and when entrepreneurs opened Stripe payment gateway accounts on e-commerce sites, they were able to help their customers easy payments through this portal.

By signing up for a Stripe account, customers will pay when they want to buy products from your store. The customer selects a Stripe payment gateway and is directed to a link to enter the bank account number as well as the fulfillment password. These processes are quick and easy.

Therefore, Stripe is very useful for commercial companies and the daily payment traffic of these companies is also very large. Customers can run both platforms, iOS and Android.

What outstanding features does Stripe have? Source: Internet

2. Outstanding Features of Stripe

With a Stripe payment gateway, customers can make payments and transactions just like they would with a bank account. Customers can create their own accounts which is very convenient if they want to do business in the e-commerce industry.

The stripe payment gateway has been in the market for a long time, so it is favored by many customers with special features such as Payment, Connect, Atlas, Radar, and Relay.

By using Stripe checkout, customers can make purchases quickly and easily. And with the payment service, customers can pay if the business has a Stripe account and pay directly through Stripe.

Stripe can make payments in a variety of currencies and with the default units in the wallet converted to standard units. And with debit cards, and e-wallets, Stripe also allows safe use.

The connect feature, with this feature, customers can make connections with many different platforms in many other markets to help customers make payments to the suppliers of the products they want to buy.

When Stripe is allowed to make payments in more than 100 different currencies around the world and can be converted to the default payment account. When customers want to know if the seller is reputable or not, they can use this feature to check their safety.

Advantages and disadvantages of Stripe payment gateway. Source: ICOS

3. Stripe. Advantages and Disadvantages

Each payment gateway that appears on the market also has its own pros and cons. Knowing the benefits will help you consider whether it is suitable, meets the needs of customers, and the disadvantages will give you an opinion as to whether you should use the Stripe payment gateway or not.

The advantages that Stripe provides to customers when using it are:

– Customers can pay using advanced technology and a high level of security. Perform customer transactions securely and quickly.
– Stripe helps customers predict rates accurately
– With Stripe, customers can make the most detailed and specific reports
– For many years, Stripe has been recognized as an efficient and secure gateway for online payments when companies do business internationally.
– When customers want to pay, they can pay directly if they have previously linked without registering an account.
– Stripe is now available in many parts of the world, making it easy to sign up in countries that support Stripe.

– As mentioned above, Stripe supports customers in many countries, so many currencies are supported by the payment gateway.

While there are advantages and benefits that customers and merchants can get from the Stripe payment gateway, there are also disadvantages that you should know to avoid and see if they meet your needs and wants. when you make your payment.

In Vietnam, it is not currently supported or allowed to register to make payments, and there are many categories as well as many different types of products, so when doing this, not all industries can be done. and it will limit inappropriate products and services.

As such, for retail stores, you should also pay attention to the categories and products that you can pay for with Stripe for the convenience of potential customers in the area.

The information about Stripe that ICOS shares, helps you understand what Stripe is, the outstanding features and features that the Stripe payment gateway offers to customers, and know the advantages and disadvantages of the payment gateway. to get the most convenience and efficiency when using.

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