What is Stripe Payment? Open a business Stripe account?

Currently, online payment is very popular in Vietnamese and foreign businesses. Online payment or electronic payment supports companies in international transactions to receive payments from customers faster and more economically. With continuous development, Stripe Payment was born based on advanced and modern technology, maximum security, and fast and convenient payment. What is Stripe Payment Fin? Let’s find out about ICOS in the article below.

Stripe Payment concept

Talking about today’s popular electronic payment gateways, it is mentioned quite a lot that PayPal with modern features, the payment of global purchases faster. But now, Stripe Payment is gradually dominating the e-commerce market and is included in the list of the most professional online payment gateways in the world.

Currently, Stripe Payment has been present in 47 countries around the world including the US, Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, etc. In Vietnam, it is not available, but opening an account for Vietnamese businesses will help businesses increase their competitiveness. compete in the international market.

Vietnamese individuals or businesses who want to use the Stripe payment gateway must have a business in the UK, US, Hong Kong,…

What is the outstanding feature of Stripe Payment?

In case when a customer buys a product sample from your sales page, they will press the “Buy” button and go to the transaction payment step, which will lead to the interface to enter the card code. This is a more prominent advantage than PayPal and 2Checkout.

Inside the Stripe Payment service brings:

Accept payment transactions on the web, through the mobile app, and in person

Securely accept payment credit cards, e-wallets, and payment methods in each country

Accept transaction payments in multiple currency functions then convert to default currency

Many forms of transaction payment can be fully integrated with other applications.

Stripe’s outstanding features. Source: Internet

Advantages of Stripe Payment

Online purchases and payments can be made easily via Master card or Visa for international payment. However, paying through the above card is also quite risky because of the unsafe security. In addition to other payment gateways, Stripe Payment is the perfect choice to overcome the risks for buyers and sellers. As follows:

Stripe Payment charges the cheapest transaction fees of all payment gateways and promises to not charge any other fees. If the business uses PayPal in addition to the transaction fee, the customer will also be charged any other fees if there is a problem

Stripe Payment accepts most payment cards in the world. PayPal as well as several other payment gateways in Vietnam such as Vnpay, and 123Pay… will be restricted from paying for some cards in the world, causing difficulties for international customers when paying for online purchases.

With Stripe Payment, the initial registration process will be a bit difficult. First, the customer will set up a company in the UK and the US and then use the Bank to receive money.

The condition for a foreign individual who wants to have a Stripe Payment account is to have a citizen code in the UK and the US.

How to open a Stripe account for business in Singapore

To open a Stripe account, ICOS will support customers to register to open:

Support customers to set up companies in the UK, and USA and open bank accounts here

After setting up a company and opening a bank account, to open a Stripe account for a business you need:

+ Sign up for a Stripe account

+ Link your Stripe account to your business bank account in the UK, US

+ Authenticate using a legal Stripe account in the UK and US

Support to integrate Stripe payment gateway on an online business website to receive customer payment

Using Stripe Payment, online businesses can safely manage cross-border payments. The payment gateway will help businesses and customers make transactions safely, quickly, and conveniently. Businesses or individuals doing business on a large scale should also have a Stripe Payment account, or individuals who regularly shop internationally at major supermarkets in the world such as Amazon or eBay should also own a Stripe Payment account. Stripe account.

Hopefully, through the above article, readers will better understand Stripe Payment, and have a closer look at international online payment gateways. If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please contact ICOS for advice.

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