Why is OFFSHORE business creation in the UK growing so rapidly?

Currently, Vietnamese investors are increasingly turning to start-ups in the UK, does the market have too much potential? As a company specializing in providing offshore company establishment services, ICOS has revealed a lot of interesting information about this ideal investment location.

Where “good land birds perch”

The UK is attractive to Vietnamese companies because the UK is the sixth largest economy in the world and has the world’s largest financial center in London (according to the GFCI Global Financial Center)…

This bottom line makes the UK an extremely important financial hub for investors. Additionally, the London Stock Exchange has a market capitalization of over $6 trillion with over 3,000. Companies from more than 60 countries are listed on the exchange including many from China and the US, Europe, and Asia.

The UK has been attracting a large number of the world’s leading businesses. Source: Internet

The biggest benefit of doing business in the UK is the ease. According to the World Bank, the UK is one of the top-scoring countries for doing business with huge growth potential – from manufacturing to import and export and information.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also said the UK ranks second globally in product market regulation after Australia, with the country having the lowest barriers for startups.

The UK is second only to the US in the ranking of the best-performing, innovative countries in the world. The economy is always in a strong competitive position in derivatives, foreign exchange, insurance, and credit… with advanced infrastructure, high-quality information technology, stable policies, skilled workforce. High professionalism and excellent medical care are 10 points for the UK.

Advantages for Vietnamese investors

Conveniently located between Asia and North America, in the heart of Europe, with an expected GDP of USD 3 trillion by 2021, the UK has always been an ideal investment location for Vietnamese companies. The business environment in the UK is constantly improving in favor of companies doing long-term and stable business, based on equality of interests for companies of all economic sectors and foreign.

If you want more information about investing in the UK, you can send us questions for us to answer specifically, for example, It is easy to see that more and more companies, and groups The Vietnamese delegation expanded its business activities and located its head office in the UK to enjoy many benefits such as The company’s transaction name has been copyrighted and protected, but players are not allowed to conduct business. trade under a registered trade name or use a similar name in the same industry.

Not to mention, when you start a business in the UK, you create a more professional and reputable image, help your business build trust in your customers’ products or services, and provide more opportunities and relationships. another attractive cooperation system.

More and more investors are looking to ICOS to set up a company in the UK. Source: Internet

In addition, through the establishment of a company in the UK, Vietnamese investors also enjoy many business benefits through bilateral cooperation agreements and various types of financial and corporate services, helping build brand awareness.

Owning a company in the UK is also a guarantee of prestige and potential and helps to ensure that the company’s image is always perfect in the eyes of partners and customers. Many investors have confirmed with ICOS that the establishment of the company in the UK has facilitated the export of goods and services, leading to outstanding growth in both size and scale. and the profit.

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